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3 Types of SEO to Help You in High Ranking Of Search Results

Are you facing problems to rank your site in search engines and cannot understand how to do SEO? Then, you can take the help of California SEO professionals of Shefa Marketing who can solve your SEO problem. Here 3 Types of SEO have been discussed that can give you good results.

  1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO can help bots in Google for crawling, interpreting, and indexing all the pages on your website. In this SEO technique, you can create a thorough sitemap of XML, take actions to make your site totally mobile-friendly, and add structured data. These actions help crawlers in sorting and categorizing the pages according to content type.

  1. On-page SEO

In the context of On-page SEO, high-quality content has to be authored for helping website visitors and using tags of HTML to emphasize the headings. Further, this activity helps in adding some Meta tags so that Google bots can understand the content easily. Additionally, for on-page SEO, the URL structure has to be cleaned and an ordered system of naming has been constructed for similar pages under a single category.

  1. White-hat SEO

If the SEO techniques are applied as per the guidelines of Google Search Engine, then it can be considered under White-hat SEO. Though this SEO technique requires time to show results, they are extremely helpful to create genuine and sustainable goodwill for your brand.

On the other hand, when you do white-hat SEO with the help of expert California SEO professionals, you can avoid the risk of the site getting bumped down or banned in search outcomes while a new change in algorithm takes place. Some techniques are authoring relevant and useful content after keyword research and earning links.

If you need help from California SEO professionals for SEO services, then you can contact us.

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