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California Marketing Service’s Guide to Creating Mobile-Friendly Content

California marketing services always prefer to make the website of their client as mobile adaptive as possible. Though studies show mobile users are more than desktop and laptop users combined. So making mobile-friendly content is very necessary. There are pros and cons attached to it though.

The pros include that everyone uses mobiles these days. Getting the content to reach the target audience is possible at any time of the day. Drawbacks include reading something from a small screen. We all prefer listening or watching before reading and that is how written content is mostly missed out.

A short catchy headline, pun-filled introduction or conclusion and a time-worthy article make great content. Here are three proven ways of making the content mobile-friendly

Short Paragraphs

Blogs are read on the go when people take a break from work. Reading the content should not feel like you are reading a novel. Use simple sentences and keep all the information available on the topic in those concise paragraphs. Marketing agencies follow this while writing blogs, they always keep the most valuable information at the top. This way the blog is able to deliver the answers as fast as possible.

Simple Words

This is a common thing for many. We hardly wait on a site if it takes more than ten seconds to load. How often do you think someone will wait if the content has tough words to evaluate? Using simple words makes it through this wall. It is because the words are easy to be grasped by our brain cells that finally count to a simple understanding.

Add Pictures

Pictures are a sight to sore eyes when you read the content. Many of us have skipped reading novels or books if there were no pictures. As kids, this was boring to many. So, adding pictures to interpret the article for better understanding is essential.


A mobile adaptive site will only work if the content is reader-friendly. California marketing services always run the content through mobile reading apps before publishing their final post. Go through several screening before you post content as that is a way to make it more mobile-friendly. Similar ways are followed by Shefa Marketing. Visit our website for more details.

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