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Google My Business: 5 Rules for Optimizing Local SEO

If you're looking to improve your online visibility, then optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) profile is a must. Google My Business (GMB) is a cost-free tool provided by Google that empowers businesses to oversee and optimize their online presence on both Google Maps and Google Search. By optimizing your GMB profile, you can attract more local customers and increase your business's visibility on the web. In this blog post, you will be exploring tips for optimizing your GMB profile for local SEO. So let's dive in and explore the world of GMB SEO service and Google My Business optimization tips!

 Enter all your company data.

Make sure you have entered all the information about your business in Google My Business (company description, schedule organization, product category, etc.) so that customers get to know the products or the services you offer and know where and when to find you. Category management is extremely important because it allows you to categorize your business and make it more visible on Google. You have to choose from Google's default categories. Don't forget to check that you have entered all contact information (phone number, email, website URL).

Review management

Feedback from your customers is essential as it attributes value to your brand and contributes to the formation of the purchasing decision of those users who do not know you personally. The other words are important for your brand reputation ( read this article for further information ). For this reason, it is necessary to implement an appropriate content marketing strategy to manage reviews on your brand: the response demonstrates your interest in the opinions and comments customers leave about your business (the ideal score is between 4 and 5).

Verify your business locations.  

Verify your business locations to improve your visibility on Google products, like Maps and Google Search. In this regard, it is important to manage the correct positioning of the Google Maps cursor: it often happens that people look for the driving directions of a company but are disappointed due to the approximate accuracy of your location.

Comprehensive and captivating description

The presentation of the company is a crucial step. Think carefully about what you want to communicate to your customers, what your mission is, what type of offer you propose, and the reasons why you should be chosen. Local SEO optimization goes through the use of the right keywords and, perhaps, a link to your website. As for the images, remember to rename them and don't entrust the name of the JPG or PNG to chance because a potential customer will be able to experience a sort of virtual tour even before coming to you.

Establish Online Profile

The historicity of the local profile is one of the factors that contribute to the formation of the local ranking, so an "older" online profile will be more likely to position itself faster.

In conclusion, thanks to Google My Business, you can take total control of the information regarding your brand by associating this feature with the social reach of Google+. Content created on Google's social network may be visible in search queries. The more users intercept your content, the greater the shares and, consequently, the resonance of your content.

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