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Why do you need local SEO?

Proximity is a criterion that influences the decision of Internet users in the choice of products or services available online. Local referencing is a technique that improves your company's visibility in a well-defined geographic area. When the keywords matching your activities and your region or city are entered for a search, your web pages will appear on search engines' first page of results.

Local SEO, what are the advantages?

According to statistics published by Google, 25% of searches carried out online present local words or expressions. And half of the people who do a local search go to the store indicated online the same day or the next day. The popularization of Smartphones contributes considerably to the development of this system which is advantageous both for individuals and professionals.

Local SEO is an approach to improve the visibility of your web pages and ensure quality traffic. This option replaces traditional media such as local press ads, flyers, and flyers. Local search is more straightforward because it allows Internet users to quickly find local brands that offer products and services of interest to them.

How to succeed in local SEO?

Local SEO consists of evaluating the competition and applying targeted means to increase the effectiveness of your actions. Using " google my business seo optimization," Google's local SEO platform, is the most effective way to improve your local visibility. You must create a Google my business account: this is a file on Google Maps so that your potential customers immediately spot you.

Thanks to this service, Internet users can consult photos, take a virtual tour of your place of sale, find your contact details (address, telephone numbers), know the opening hours, and see the itinerary.

Warning: you should not neglect other SEO techniques which also help to improve your visibility: registration in other local directories, improving content so that it is related to keywords, applying a good linking strategy with an “author” or “publisher” tag to link your Google Business page with your website. Don't forget to encourage your customers to give positive reviews of your business.

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