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3 Current Techniques of local SEO in 2022

To increase website traffic, conversions and leads for your website, optimization of local SEO are very important. Hence, if you are struggling to compete against large brands, let's check 3 current techniques of local SEO in 2022 for local SEO services for small businesses.

  1. Voice search optimization

According to the latest trends of 2022, voice search is going to grow in the upcoming years rapidly. For the purpose of local SEO, you need to optimize based on questions so they can speak into the devices. Essentially, customers are using more long-tail keywords while conducting voice searches in comparison to regular searches. For this purpose, you need to adjust the SEO activities of content so that it can fit the conversational tone of speaking.

  1. Focusing on  reviews from your customers

Getting some positive reviews based on your provided services is an excellent idea to optimize the presence in Google My Business. As a result, it can encourage a large number of your local customers to make purchases from your brand. For this purpose, you can apply some tricks-

  • Asking for reviews after closing the sales
  • Responding to present reviews professionally and addressing complaints
  • Sending post-purchase texts or emails to write reviews
  1. Creating an account of Google My Business

In the context of local SEO services for small businesses, optimization of Google listing works as an effective strategy to rank high on Google Maps and gain visibility in local results of Google Search. To get access to the Business profile, an account of Google My Business (GMB) is highly required. After you give all the requested information on the dashboard of GMB, all the relevant information is going to be included in the business profile.

If you want guidance for local SEO services for small businesses, you can contact us today.

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